Webster's Spanish-English Dictionary for Students, Second Edition

This 2014 revised and up to date variation is perfect for English and Spanish audio system, this bidirectional dictionary defines the middle vocabularies of Latin-American Spanish and American English. Abbreviated description textual content: This value-priced Spanish-English, with over 50,000 translations is the easiest bilingual reference for college students. positive aspects of this e-book Over 40,000 entries and 50,000 translations Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish sections Conjugation of Spanish Verbs abnormal English Verbs Value-priced or budget-conscious mom and dad and academics

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Love carretilla-nf l'z ivheelbarrow 2 carretilla elevadora : forklift carifloso, -sa adi AFEcruoso : affectionate, loving -i- carifros amente adv carril nm I t lane 2 : rail (on carioca2 nhf z individual from Rio de Ja- a railroad song) carrillo nm t cheek iowl ne1ro carrito nm i cart carism6tico, -ca adi : charismatic carita adi lulex fam z adorable (said of a carrizo-nm JUNco: reed guy) Mex z trainer (of a educate) four carro alegt6rico i floqt (in a parhde) caritativo, -va adi : charitaald cariz nm,'pl caric-es : appearance,as- carrocena rrr : booyworK carrofia nf: carrion Dect carroflero r_-,tan : scavenger (animal) carmesf adi & nrn : purple carmin nmi pl carmines 1 : carmine 2 carroza nf | : carriage 2-: drift (in a parade) carmfn de-labios : lipstick carruale nm'.

O rufle, to enchuecar {721 vt Chile, Mex fam: to ripple'2 irritatg -:. en: imtate to irritate, annov. rinold 2 : to -erL make crooked, to curve hait ? one's cud o! nine to -cu1! cresDarse vr ir. lI zi fo iie'spais-e ! -! 4I^? con2 z to in yt z to L enchufar Plug iio-fecbme choPPY3 : to get pissed off nect. to slot jointly encruc-ijad^ $ i cfossro4ds enitrrife nm I'z connection 2 : Plug, encuadernaclon nf, pl 'ciones : booksocket bindine (tissue) encfa nf z sum : to bind (a enc-iradErnar vt EMPAsTAR encfclica 4--f: encyclical -encycloPedia publication) encyclopeola n nt f : I encicloped enciclopedraia -ir.

Hassle extorsionat vt i to extort extra,r adv z additional extra2 adi I z extra, additional 2 : better. tbp-qualitv e*trar nmf z'extra'(in videos) extrar nm z extta fee extracci6n nf, pl -ciones : extraction extracto nm l': extract 2 : summary, precis extradici6n nf, pl -ciones : extradition extraditar vt z io extradite extraer {81} vr : to extract extrafdo-pp- -+ extraer extraiudicial adi : out-of-court extra"matrimonial adi z extramarital extraderizante adj i foreign-soundrng.

Borgoffa bg{ega nf 1: wine cellar 2 Chile,-Col, bombilla nf : liehtbulb Me4 i storeroom. , warehouse three (in bombillo nm C[, Col, Ven: lishtbulb - vqrious nations\ : grocerv shop' bombo nm I z bass drum 2 faht t exbgfetada nf cecndren"e : sl6p on-the aggeq4pd praisg, hype bombos face y plaullos : wrth nice 5co^n tantare> bofetear yt cAcHETEAn : to slao pl bbrhb6n nm, _bofibore,s I :-bonbon, bofet6n nm + bofetada chocolate 2'Mex : marshmallow bofo, -Ia adi : flabbv benach6nr, -chona adi, mpl -chones bogri nf:.

Attentive - cuidailosamehte adv cuidar vt I z to keep up. to appear after 2: to Dav realization to - vi | de : to seem after 2 cuidar de oue -vr : to ensure that - cuidarse : to keep up oneself (of culata nf : butt a eun) culatazo nf : kick. redoilculebra nf snRprcNrr: snake culi nmf : coolie culinario. -na adi: culinarv culminarite adi bunto culminante : top, excessive poinl, climax cufminar y-l : io culminate - culminaci6n nf : crop cultor. -E adi : cultured. proficient cu. lto2'nml:-worship 2: cult cultura nf : tradition cultural adi z cultural - culturalmente adv' cumbre nf ctv.

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