The Flight of the Garuda: Teachings of the Dzokchen Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism

New translations of key texts from a practice many examine the main direct route to enlightenment.

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Nse ~re to phenomena. . Chos thams cad mnyam po. nyid du rdzogs pas: mnyam po. n)lld eighty three. (samata), actually, sameness, is synonymous w ith chos nyid (dharmatii) and stong pa nyid, (fiinyata). eighty four. Rang rig pa'i ye shes. five eighty five. Lam rim ye shes snying po of bDe chen chos rgyal gling pa, pp . 204- . evaluate the tune ofYe shes mtsho rgyal in Sky Dancer, pp. four ~ -4 . 86. 'Od gsal rdzogs po. chen po'i khregs chod ita ba'i glu dbyangs sa lam ma Ius myur du bgrod pa'i rtsalldan mkha' lding gshog rlabs. 87. See p. 87 for identiflCation of Shabkar Lama's vital instructor Tides to the Songs were further through the tran lator to facilitate connection with the content material.

The sacred language of the tantras is mantra: which means the syllables that include a be aware resonate to a pitch that inspires the prototypical nature of the shape that's being articulated. whilst the grasp is puzzled in this element he's evasive in regards to the particular dating among sound and shape. yet there's no ignoring his conviction that sound is in detail with regards to the area of shape and has the facility to impact it. The Indian tale of 1 of the good Uffad sitarists of an previous iteration, whose device burst into flame in the course of an ideal rendition of a hearth raga, is defined by way of the uHad's skill to breed the sound of the seed-syllable of the point hearth accurately, so growing fireplace itself.

I . na black magICIan. , hirn lOto a . . m (p. 195) Non_AscettctS h "Unsurpassable the passage on t . e it might probably now not be clea~. r~~ne all in favour of no-discipline is the main Asceticism" that the ISCIP h . has received a few keep an eye on d' ng as soon as t e yoglO h . rigorouS and d eman. l d' h h self-discipline of any style, whet er It h b dy and mm over teO . t roug okay . - ga will-power is d eve 1ope d . If r be soccer, gymnastlcs °h rzyda-yo ·'nation could be both powerful . . n is robust t en eterrnl fd . the mot! vatlO h' '11 have the capacity to more suitable feats zero iSCld h human mac me WI h b : ndurance and ..

This created a robust confident effect upon this cultural exile from the West in search of the capacity to accommodate his personal small burden. Later, the Tibetans' luck in setting up themselves within the harsh alien atmosphere of the Indian plains, maintaining communal feeling, protecting their non secular perform, construction monasteries and temples to breed intimately the monastic atmosphere they'd left in the back of: all this used to be not anything wanting magic, or no less than the demonstration of mastery of the skilful implies that whilst utilized with flexibility triumph over no matter what hindrances come up within the adept's direction.

He energy re lZe . . ' . ' ve . addition to t . ' It alization of this is often mtUltl 10 . susrammg grace. e . . sacred letters, IS l ' d via ustaIfilng grace. cognizance [of wisdom attaIne • t:. "tP(. d' e Intuitive cognizance . four. Direct and Imme , lat d nirvana exi t from the begmara an all occasions m sams fl' [. ak db ' g there needs to be no con lct 1D even supposing . ure and aw ene em, h nmg as P h ' 'on of the foundation tanuas or t e . , 1 . h both t e tranSmiS 1 V1SIO~ . Wlt . Dependence upon the literal letter of insuuc- experts msuucnon~ h d' 1 d Then profound confi.

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