Tantra: The Path of Ecstasy

By Georg Feuerstein

Publish 12 months note: First released in 1998

Tantra—often linked to Kundalini Yoga—is a primary measurement of Hinduism, emphasizing the cultivation of "divine power" (shakti) as a route to endless bliss. Tantra has been greatly misunderstood within the West, notwithstanding, the place its practices are usually stressed with eroticism and licentious morality. Tantra: the trail of Ecstasy dispels many universal misconceptions, delivering an available advent to the background, philosophy, and perform of this awesome non secular culture.

The Tantric teachings are aimed toward the attainment of enlightenment in addition to religious strength and are current not just in Hinduism but additionally Jainism and Vajrayana Buddhism. during this e-book, Georg Feuerstein deals readers a transparent realizing of genuine Tantra, in addition to acceptable counsel for non secular perform and the attainment of upper awareness.

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Culture relates those 3 primary pathways and their reaction structures to the 3 basic features of nature: tamas (principle of inertia), rajas (principle of dynamism), and sattva (principle of clarity). sooner than the serpent strength can ascend the axial pathway all impurities has to be faraway from the community of nādīs. within the traditional person the currents exist in a polluted nation, combating the loose circulation of important strength and accordingly inflicting actual and psychological imbalance, in addition to religious blindness.

Klīm—kāma-bīja (seed syllable of wish) four. Krīm—yoga-bīja (seed syllable of union), also referred to as kāli-bīja five. Shrīm—ramā-bīja (seed syllable of delight); simply because Ramā is one other identify for Lakshmī, the goddess of fortune, this seed syllable is additionally referred to as lakshmī-bīja 6. Trīm—teja-bīja (seed syllable of fireplace) 7. Strīm—shānti-bīja (seed syllable of peace) eight. Hlīm—rakshā-bīja (seed syllable of defense) different faculties or texts provide varied names for those 8 basic bījas or perhaps altogether diverse schemas.

The earth and water parts are deemed appropriate, as are the hearth and wind parts, whereas the ether point is assumed appropriate with all others. hence it really is attainable to provide a mantra that isn't drawn without delay from the letters present in the column exhibiting the disciple’s attribute aspect yet from any of the letters indexed within the column of the appropriate point. seeing that convinced days or even hours of the day are linked to particular deities, the guru might put off initiation till that point.

Actually, it may well occasionally be a doorway to ecstasy. I as soon as underwent a painful three-hour consultation on the dentist. The Novocaine injections weren't operating appropriately, and after writhing within the chair in the course of a classy process, i ultimately used to be delivered to the purpose of easily surrendering to the placement. unexpectedly, as my resistance to the soreness was once got rid of, i discovered myself in a nation of ecstasy, which lasted for the rest of the operation. I had came across the perspective underlying a lot of the world’s asceticism, recognized in India as tapas.

As a result the human physique is, within the bottom line, no longer simply subconscious subject yet a stepped-down model of superconscious power. This perception has far-reaching sensible ramifications for every individual. For if the physique isn't basically the sarcophagus of an immaterial soul yet a colourful, residing fact suffused with an analogous attention that still animates the brain, then we needs to stop to treat the physique as an exterior item extensively distinctive from our awake selves. The recurring cut up among physique and brain is not just unwarranted yet harmful to the wholeness to which religious seekers aspire.

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