A jewelled whirlpool of a story, Somnium is a richly poetic pagan fable, a story of transferring degrees offered in a blinding array of types, starting from that of the mediæval romance via Elizabethan tragedy to the Gothic novel and the chic insanity of the Decadents.
With its delirious and heartbroken textual content spiralling out from the classical fable of Endymion and the Greek lunar goddess Selene, Somnium is a rare odyssey via love and loss and lunacy.

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SELENE: He speaks back! ENDYMION: Selene, dearest dream! Oh, blackest evening! Now even your candy snapshot Is stolen away via the looting wind! SELENE: He speaks my identify! it truly is myself! it really is! AURORA: what sort of brute is that this, that leaps so excessive? Oh, strike him down, my girl, with all haste! Such delight needs to rapid be punish’d, lest it develop. [SELENE provides photograph to AURORA] SELENE: Be hush’d! Throw down the image at his toes. i will not endure to determine such nice melancholy As settles now approximately this raptur’d prince!

Oh come now, candy Endimion Lee, consume supper, drink your wine, and gaze no longer so distracted really in any respect my tempting flesh, your ears blocked by way of your eyes, for another way I’ll let you know naught. Ah, you color, and also you smirk, and i've discovered you out. yet allow this go. Your monks may rattling your eyes for sin, yet I care certainly not. glance all you would like, yet hear too, for I’ll say not anything two times. ‘Why right here? I selected your wooded Shooters Hill simply because, while seemed on from the lofty Moon, it has a crescent form.

For a few previous voice of Catholic God, of folks, or of schooldays, acknowledged ‘do now not so, my baby, oh don't so’, and so he hesitated yet an speedy. An quick used to be too lengthy. For whilst he appeared back, the beautiful Eugénie was once long past into one other international, particularly long gone, and long gone, and long past, and he was once nonetheless during this one. And together with her went that ebook of books, and all his desires, and all his fond wishes. So Théophile, with ease, fainted. He woke at your time within the evening, underneath a smiling golden Moon that appeared so sweetly sympathetic, seemed around then as soon as and realised, he sat there in a wreck.

Inform me now, reliable Apollonius, what you are making of this. APOLLONIUS: I belief you'll permit a second, Lord, As i have to think of every one merchandise the following. [APOLLONIUS & PERSES withdraw to 1 aspect] APOLLONIUS: I worry this imaginative and prescient, Perses, bodes no longer good. PERSES: yet why? ’Tis stated to dream of Gods brings success! APOLLONIUS: Of Gods, maybe; of Goddesses no longer so. To view their bare good looks utter sin! Lewd Actæon used to be torn aside for such, And Cadmeian Teiresias grew blind! The vine of Elis… this has to be our Prince.

Complete physique ravished up from toe to crown, he sank upon the sofa and trembled, gasped and moaned and shuddered because the waves of fearsome excitement pulsed throughout him, all insufferable, raptured greater than he may ever imagine, his brain really long past to heaven. Transported with beatitude, enchanted as much as paradise, his excitement wouldn't cease. And moment after moment, enhanced then it grew, and hours they looked as if it would move away, and nonetheless there has been no stop. And sweeter than was once all of this, he heard Diana sigh in addition to, and knew she felt an identical.

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