Sitting with Koans: Essential Writings on Zen Koan Introspection

By John Daido Loori

The Zen culture has simply major meditative practices: shikantaza, or "just sitting"; and introspection guided through the robust Zen educating tales referred to as koans. Following within the culture of The artwork of simply Sitting (endorsed as a "A publication we've wanted for a protracted, lengthy time"), this new anthology from John Daido Loori illuminates the sophisticated perform of koan learn from many various issues of view.

Includes writings by:

  • Robert Aitken
  • William Bodiford
  • Robert Buswell
  • Roko Sherry Chayat
  • Francis Dojun Cook
  • Eihei Dogen
  • Heinrich Dumoulin
  • Hakuin Ekaku
  • Victor Sogen Hori
  • Keizan Jokin
  • Philip Kapleau
  • Chung-fen Ming-Pen
  • Taizan Maezumi
  • Dennis Genpo Merzel
  • Soen Nakagawa
  • Ruth Fuller Sasaki
  • Sokei-an Sasaki
  • Nyogen Senzaki
  • Zenkei Shibayama
  • Eido Shimano
  • Philip Yampolsky
  • Hakuun Yasutani
  • Wayne Yokoyama
  • Katsushiro Yoshizawa

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The govt. officer used to be fearful considering that his place concerned him in ordering the killing of many of us. That his activities have been sinful, after all. If we pass judgement on his behavior, he dedicated many sins, yet he used to be not able to prevent this in conducting his accountability. grasp Xixian famous the tough condition of the officer’s lifestyles, and so he wouldn’t say that his activities have been sins. He simply acknowledged that he was once consistently looking at truth. actually it truly is tough every now and then to categorize the behavior of others nearly as good or undesirable.

A method is mendacity on a mattress in a health center someplace, feeble-bodied and ailing; one other is to be struck by means of a car—I may be struck by way of a automobile this day on my as far back as big apple. i can't say that the sort of factor won't take place. At that moment—Aaagghhhh! okay. however the excellent technique to die is in the sort of manner that you can still foresee his personal death—at least, say, one week prematurely. this could be how we die. And this was once how the Patriarchs gave up the ghost, understanding upfront whilst it's going to take place. they can therefore arrange themselves.

Ta-hui was determined in his competition: lately a kind of heterodox Zen (Jpn. , jazen) has grown up within the wooded area of Zen. by means of complicated the ailment with the therapy, they've got denied the event of enlightenment. those humans imagine that the event of enlightenment is yet a synthetic superstructure intended to draw, in order that they supply it a secondary place, like branches or leaves at the tree. simply because they've got no longer skilled enlightenment, they believe others haven't both. Stubbornly they contend that an empty silence and a musty country of unconsciousness is the unique realm of absolutely the.

See “Sound of 1 Hand” koan Vulture height transmission, 4–5, 13–14 W Wan-song Hsing-hsiu, 24 knowledge, 169 Wu-hsüeh Tsu-hsüan, ninety six Wu-men Hui-k’ai, 24–26, 28, 36, sixty eight Wu of Liang (emperor), 296–298 Wu-tsu Fa-yen, 19–20, 35–36 Y Yang-ch’i Fang-hui, 19 Yang-shan Hui-chi, 43–47 Yasutani Roshi, 277–278 Yoso Soi, ninety eight Yüan interval, 36 Yüan-wu K’o-ch’in, 20–22, 75–77, seventy nine Yün-chü Tao-ying, 23, fifty five, fifty six, sixty four Yung-ming Yen-shou, seventy two Yün-menWen-yen, 65–69, seventy five residence of, forty two, 64–69 Yün-yen T’an-sheng, fifty four, fifty five Z zazen.

How will you seize the transmission of how by way of patriarchal academics via such differences as previous and current? in addition, for 90 days this summer season [during the ango, education period], i've got spoken of this and that, commenting at the earlier and current, and explaining the lives of the Buddha patriarchs with wild and mild phrases. i've got long past into the delicate and high-quality [which phrases can't describe] and handled you all like sons and grandsons, and extra, besmirching the Zen culture and showing our disgrace.

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