Sex Slang

By Tom Dalzell

Are you a beaver cleaver or the place of work motorbike? could you fairly pack fudge or munch carpet? Do you happy your self with paddling the pickle as you’re nonetheless a cherry boy?

Sex Slang won't basically provide you with 3,000 phrases to discuss your favorite hobbies, but in addition open your eyes to practices you didn’t even recognize existed.

All phrases are illustrated by way of a reference from various resources to end up their life. This naughty ebook provides you with a superb sexual vocabulary from all around the English conversing global, in addition to hours of analyzing pleasure.

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By no means chippied in your spouse one time in eighteen years? ” “Never. ” — Lenny Bruce, tips to speak soiled and impact humans 1965 choad noun the penis US, 1968 • [N]obody to my wisdom said “choad,” “rod,” “stem” or the other extra strictly pornographic time period. — Screw third January 1972 chocha noun the vagina US, 2002 From Spanish. • It shouldn’t be a subject even if you arrive in ownership of a Johnson or a chocha so long as you appear along with your files — Frank Broughton and invoice Brewster, easy methods to DJ correct 2002 chockers adjective (of a guy) with the penis solely inserted right into a sexual companion AUSTRALIA, 1975 • Her brothers sprang me one evening while i used to be chockers open air her condominium, they usually beat the shit out of me.

Drummer 1977 59 fist-fucker noun 1 a practitioner of fist fucking US, 1972 • one other gruesome severe of S & M is the burgeoning of a “group” calling itself the F. F. A. (Fist Fuckers of America). — John Rechy, The Sexual Outlaw 1977 2 a common, obsessive masturbator US, 1962 • i think plumb sorry for you negative Wichita fistfuckers, bein disadvantaged of growin up with out an ole cow, sheep er sow er somethin. — Earl Thompson, Tattoo 1974 fist-fucking; fisting noun 1 the perform of putting the hand and a part of the arm right into a partner’s anus or vagina for the sexual excitement of all concerned US, 1972 • Fisting, incest and anal intercourse.

A. S. Jackson, Gentleman Pimp 1973 dogfuck verb to have intercourse from the rear, gay or heterosexual, vaginal or anal US, 1980 • — Edith A. Folb, runnin’ down a few traces 1980 dogger noun an individual who engages in al fresco sexual actions resembling exhibitionism or voyeurism; in particular of sexual actions (with a number of companions) in parked cars, normally within the geographical region united kingdom, 2003 whilst police approached ‘doggers’ (before they have been so-named), the standard excuse provided was once ‘walking the dog’. • — Farming at the present time twenty sixth July 2003 dogging noun al fresco sexual actions equivalent to exhibitionism or voyeurism; particularly of sexual actions (with a number of companions) in parked autos, more often than not within the geographical region united kingdom, 1998 • one other curious behavior for the looker/lookee set is termed dogging.

Edwin Torres, Carlito’s approach 1975 line-up noun, US, 1913 serial intercourse among one individual and a number of companions pack verb 1 (from the male viewpoint) to have intercourse with US, 1947 • “Are you packing her regular? ” “Whenever i would like. ” — Willard Motley, Knock on Any Door 1947 2 to tuck the male genitals into the left or correct trouser leg US, 1972 • [M]en within the military are taught to pack it to the left, yet you exhibit extra meat if you happen to pack it to the suitable. — Bruce Rodgers, The Queens’ Vernacular 1972 < pack fudge three to play the lively function in anal intercourse US, 1987 • He’s been creating a great piece of swap for himself by means of taking the rich swells of our customers right into a small • So this rape used to be actually a line-up?

LEE: All bets’re off if she likes fuzz on fuzz. — Bernard Dempsey and Kevin McNally, Lock, inventory ... & 200 Smoking Kalashnikovs 2000 fuzzburger noun the vagina as an item of oral pleasuregiving US, 1967 • — American velocity October, 1967: ‘Some certain phrases utilized in a college of Connecticut men’s dormitory’ fuzz one; fuzz ; fuzz 3 noun used as a ranking process through US forces in Vietnam for the movies proven on base; the procedure rated motion pictures at the volume of pubic hair proven US, 1990 The extra, the higher.

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