Nest of Serpents (Wereworld)

By Curtis Jobling

The exhilarating fourth installment during this exciting epic for center graders!

The nation of Lyssia continues to be ravaged by way of warfare. Drew, the rightful inheritor to the werelord throne, is locked in conflict opposed to Ratlords and Crowlords, while the unforeseen go back of the evil wereserpent, Vala, throws the struggle into a wholly new path. because the conflict traces switch, so does Drew’s buddy Hector, who embraces his powers of darkish magistry and transforms into Drew’s most deadly enemy but. The Wolf and his allies have by no means been in graver peril.
"Game of Thrones for the tween set." —School LIbrary Journal

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He’s now not bluffing, Ratlord,” acknowledged Scree, taking carry of the warfare marshal as Vorjavik threatened to step onto the battlements. Scree’s brothers had taken to the air, swooping overhead, enraged by means of their father’s obstacle. Of pink Rufus, there has been no signal. The Ratlord became, his face twisted in a glance of contempt. “Get your filthy talons off my shoulder, you silly chook. I command those forces. Prince Lucas named me warfare marshal of his military, and that incorporates this ragtag rabble you’ve introduced down from the mountains.

This speak is getting us nowhere! ” acknowledged Vorjavik, tiring of the stalemate. “You’re a idiot for purchasing your self stuck within the first position, Croke. Be it upon your individual head if you’re fallacious, yet this puppy isn’t going to forestall me from taking Stormdale. ” He raised a clawed hand to the sky, the switch commencing to grip the Wererat as he ready to offer the sign to assault. the pointy twang of a shortbow got here first, prior to the warfare marshal might sound the order. A hooded, black-cloaked Vermirian archer set free his silver arrow from the muddy floor in entrance of the gatehouse, reducing his bow because the missile sailed immediately within the air.

You and your baby, thosssse dearesssst to the Bearlord, bowing sooner than me. Your husssband hassss tormented my humans for lots of yearsss, assss hisss father and hisss father did prior to him. ” The Wereserpent introduced her large head down, her lengthy red tongue flickering within the face of the trembling Rainier. “I sssswear, your torment sssshall now not be short. ” “Keep me, and me alone,” acknowledged Rainier, discovering her voice within the face of Vala’s darkish possibility. “It used to be I who stood via my husband’s aspect whereas the Wyldermen and the warriors of Brackenholme fought over the Dyrewood.

He seemed unsteady because the blood loss from his wounds took its toll. “I’m Vorjavik of Vermire! The Rat King Warrior! There shall by no means be one other Ratlord like me! ” “Let’s desire not,” acknowledged Drew, as he lunged ahead with Moonbrand. The warfare mattock parried the sword to at least one part, and Vorjavik swung it again the wrong way to deflect the subsequent blow. The Wererat’s jaws snapped over the guns, and the Werewolf met them along with his personal tooth. The therians bit at one another’s faces, every one attempting to gouge his foe’s flesh.

I'm natural therianthrope, Bearchild. to need for human characteristics will be to pine for weak point. possibly that's the place you little ones of Brenn vary from my variety. ” “Your sort? ” requested Whitley wearily. “The previous Therians, from a time prior to your Brenn and his nice Feasts. You and your Werelords may tremble prior to my type. The Bears, the Wolves, the Lions, the Hawks; you're thinking that you personal the earth, beginning wars, making legislation, believing that yours is the one form of civilization the realm has ever identified. there has been a time whilst your style have been ours to command, no greater than people in our eyes.

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