Jeff Foxworthy's Complete Redneck Dictionary: All the Words You Thought You Knew the Meaning Of

By Jeff Foxworthy

There’s no such factor as an excessive amount of redneck. And it’s effortless to appreciate why. A veritable gumbo of indigenous ingenuity, this deliciously detailed dialect rolls off the tongue like drool within the presence of a barbeque sandwich. Now, simply in time for no time particularly, Jeff Foxworthy’s 3 bestsellers are rolled into one hilarious redneck reference. This functional, moveable A-to-Z crash direction can have you giggling and studying your strategy to ideal southern slang. Say after me:

bay • ou (bi´-ü), v. and n. to buy for an additional. “I simply walked correct as much as her and stated, ‘Hey darlin’, lemme bayou a drink.’ ”

doo • dle (düd´-el), n. and v. a male individual and his estimated activities. “Don’t even examine him, ’cuz that doodle kill you.”

tor • toise (tort´-es), v. and n. to have imparted wisdom or knowledge to a bunch. “That silly instructor by no means tortoise nothin’. ”

Whether you’re a beginner seeking to connect to your internal redneck or a pro professional hoping to sharpen your abilities, the full Redneck Dictionary is the single reference you’ll ever desire. deciding on up Redneck (and this publication) hasn't ever been more uncomplicated.

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HORRENDOUS HYSTERIA hun•ger (heng′-Ər), v. and adj. the postponing of a female’s ownership from a set item in order that it doesn't contact the floor. “We near to misplaced it while she starvation bra at the clothesline. ” hys•te•ria (hi-ster′-ē-Ə), n. and v. a male individual reaching intimidation utilizing a centred and unblinking ocular process. “Don’t make eye touch with that dude— hysteria down. ” ice cream (īs′-krēm), n. and v. to cry out verbally in a noisy, shrieking tone. “Every time Junior wins a race, ice cream so loud the associates name the police.

To were cheated or swindled by means of a male. “Aw, guy, Egypt me! ” 80 (ā′-tē), v. and n. a male, after mastication. “Right after the outdated man 80 blew chunks in my motor vehicle. ” Ei•sen•how•er (ī′-zen-ha-Ər), n. and v. a private assertion relating an motion or situation lasting for one twenty-fourth of the earth’s revolution on its axis. “Last time Mamie spent the evening, Eisenhower overdue for paintings. ” el•der (el′-der), v. and n. to embody or restrain a feminine. “After the outdated woman mugged us, Junior elder down until the police officers arrived.

She’s smell than airborne dirt and dust. ” od•ys•sey (ä′-de-sē), v. to signify the obligation or legal responsibility of one other to note a specific factor. “You odyssey the rack on her sister. ” of•fense (Ə-fens′), n. a barricade. “No offense, ma’am, yet I’m placing up offense. ” Of•fice (äf′-fes), prep. and adj. a word mentioning male now not occupies neither is in ownership of anything that belongs to him. “If he thinks I’m engaged on large Bowl Sunday, he’s place of work rocker. ” of•fi•cial (Ə-fish′-el), n. and v. a prediction in regards to the way forward for an aquatic craniate vertebrate.

Yawn my foot! ” yearn (yern′), n. and v. interrogative in regards to the monetary reimbursement someone got in trade for exertions. “Yearn something final 12 months? ” yel•low (ye′-lō), interj. a greeting. “Yellow! ” Yid•dish (yi-dish′), n. a vessel designed for the preserving and sporting of nutrients; particularly, such an item of a specific individual. “Where are your manners?! Take Yiddish to the kitchen while you’re accomplished! ” ZANY yon•der (yänd′-er), v. and n. an involuntary consumption of air and widening of the mouth, played by way of a feminine.

Slick Rick is familiar with horses actual reliable, so I’m bettin’ his pickle win. ” PICKLE photo pic•ture (pik′-chr), v. to have pried unfastened utilizing an appendage or software. “Right in entrance of the full category you photo nostril. ” pig•ment (pig′-ment), n. and v. an emotional attribution of prior feeling a couple of specific swine or heavyset individual. “Yeah, I’m cryin’! That pigment the area to me. You stated we have been havin’ poultry! ” pi•lot (pīl′-et), v. and n. to put something on most sensible of one other. “My spouse used to be servin’ mashed potatoes final evening and that i acknowledged, ‘Pilot on, child, pilot on!

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