Islamic Architecture In Cairo: An Introduction

Often called the "Mother of the World", Cairo has one of many optimum concentrations of Islamic architectural treasures on the planet. This creation to the topic starts off with an research of the Cairo's city development from the Islamic conquest in 641 via to the Ottoman interval and the reign of Muhammad Ali initially of the nineteenth century. From that time, the reader is given a guided journey of the evolution of Cairo's Islamic structure and an summary of its major types in the course of the research of monuments spanning 1200 years. The ebook additionally encompasses a descriptive catalogue of the most important monuments from the early Islamic interval in the course of the Fatimid, Ayyubid, Bahri Mamluk, Circassian Mamluk and Ottoman periods.

This concise and finished examine will attract experts in addition to starting scholars and lay readers.

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A mausoleum in itself isn't really a spiritual, yet an earthly construction. via being connected to mosques, madrasas or khanqahs, and through regularly having a prayer area of interest, it obtained spiritual good points. therefore, the double mausoleum of Sanjar and his good friend Salar may be noticeable in particular as a memorial development to either males and their friendship. BIBLIOGRAPHY c Abd al-Wahhab. Masajid, p. 124. Creswell. M. A. E. , II, pp. 242 ff. Maqrizi, Khitat, II, pp. 398, 421. THE KHANQAH-MAUSOLEUM OF SULTAN BAYBARS AL-JASHANKIR (1307-10) In Persian, jashankir capability "the taster," Baybars' place on the sultan's courtroom prior to he turned turning into sultan himself.

The madrasa-mosque of Sultan Hasan (Department of Antiquities). aspect. every one madrasa has a courtyard with ablution fountain, a qibla-oriented Iwan, and 4 tales of residing devices. a few cells are greater than others, and a couple of latrines are integrated within the residing quarters. every one cellphone in the street facet has huge home windows, one above the opposite, making the internal very gentle and giving the population a view outdoor. a few positive factors of the plan of Sultan Hasan's mosque, akin to the positioning of the cells when it comes to the 4 Iwans, can have been encouraged via the madrasa of Sarghitmish.

BIBLIOGRAPHY Mubarak. Khitat, V, p. 103. Abd al-Wahhab. Masdjid, pp. 351 ff. c THE MOSQUE OF HASAN PASHA TAHIR (1809) The mosque of Hasan Pasha Tahir was once outfitted presently after Muhammad CAH got here to energy by means of one in all his officials. The construction, within the Hilmiyya sector no longer faraway from the mosque of Ibn Tulun, has a interestingly hybrid personality. structure OF THE OTTOMAN interval 167 THE MOSQUE OF SULAYMAN AGHA AL-SILAHDAR (1837-39) The mosque of Sulayman Agha al-Silahdar, now not faraway from the al-Aqmar mosque at the contrary part of the road, indicates all of the ornamental good points of the Muhammad CAH type.

The region now referred to as colloquially "al-Dahir" takes its identify from this mosque which, even though in very dilapidated , nonetheless indicates the grand visual appeal it needs to initially have had. the outside Al-Zahir Baybars' mosque exhibits impacts from the mosque of al-Hakim: the sticking out major front and its carved ornament; arched panels, carved lozenges and medallions on the portal, and the pointed arches of the inner status on oblong piers. the following, although, the arcades framing the courtyard, one other arcade contained in the sanctuary setting apart the maqsura dome from the remaining, and the aisles of the 3 entrances are on piers.

The famous person development at the mausoleum of Janibak outfitted via Barsbay. them on both sides is an eight-pointed celebrity. the complete floor seems to be homogeneous, if slightly crowded, as the stars are so tightly hooked up. towards the apex of the dome seven-pointed stars bring about the pinnacle. In either those situations, there's a consistency within the famous person trend that's missing within the better, first dome. In them all, notwithstanding, the weakness was once on the apex, and your next step within the evolution of stone domes handled this challenge.

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