Hidden Teachings of Tibet: An Explanation of the Terma Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism

By Tulku Thondup Rinpoche

In all religions, sacred texts and gadgets have seemed miraculously. one of the such a lot awesome of those revelatory traditions is the terma culture of Tibetan Buddhism. Termas bring in a clean chance for the renewal of religious perform. right here Tulku Thondup Rinpoche tells the tale of the terma culture initiated through Padmasambhava, the ninth-century saint who confirmed Buddhism in Tibet.

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Fifty four half : Transmission of Esoteric educate ings Guru Pad ­ masambhava's stopover at to Tibe t yet such a lot long island i ngm a students there are many debts of the size of , agree that he stayed fifty-five years and 6 months, trans­ forming Tibet into one of many richest lands of esoteric Buddhism. He eventually departed in the course of the reign of King Mu thri Tsen po for the Camara sub-continent within the yr 86434 with a wond rous reveal of miracles, rid i ng a horse th tough the air at a spot referred to as the Kong thang cross within the presence of the King, ministers and millions of people that had collected to work out him off.

Within the Kha dro nying thig, for the 3 Later [special} Transmissions, rather than 'Prophetic Authorization' the expression is 'Transmission of Compassionate Blessing' (Thugs rJe Byin rLabs). This indicates the attainment of the ability of servin g beings by way of the Terma teachings within the age of dregs, and the capability to bless the follower on the way to make her or him able to reaping rewards others due to having bought the advantages of Guru Rinpoche. So, its that means is the same to the transmission of Prophetic Authorization mentioned previous.

Takaya serves the purpose of beings: Jig med Ten pa'i Nyi rna, to you I pray: Please supply us all no matter what accomplishments we would like. ask yourself OCEAN ask yourself Ocean is a proof of how within which the esoteric teachings were hid and rediscovered in the course of the enlightened energy of Guru Padmasambhava and his hugely discovered disciples. There are many texts which clarify the Terma method. a few predicament the tradi­ tion in most cases and others a particular Telmao The uniq ueness of this article is that it offers an entire define of the complete Terma procedure intimately.

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