Guild Wars: Sea of Sorrows

By Ree Soesbee

An unique novel in keeping with Guild Wars—the award-winning epic delusion hugely multiplayer on-line role-playing game!

Death Sails the Seas . . .

The misplaced state of Orr lies underneath the sea waves, a whole civilization swallowed by means of an historical cataclysm. for hundreds of years, it has lain dormant within the depths, its historic secrets and techniques misplaced.

Until now.

The Elder Dragon Zhaitan has risen. In its wake, the drowned state of Orr is reborn—and one other is destroyed. the town of Lion’s Arch, for generations a cornerstone of civilization in Tyria, is brutally swept underneath the waves, leaving not anything yet ruins. one of the survivors is Cobiah Marriner, a human sailor shipwrecked through the tsunami and stranded at sea. while he's rescued by way of a ferocious charr, Cobiah is aware that he’s been plunged right into a international perpetually changed.

Now, Zhaitan’s undead servants dominate the ocean, destroying port after port and slaughtering whatever of their course. in the middle of wreck, Cobiah vows to work out Lion’s Arch rebuilt. Amid the hurricane of the dragon’s emerging, Cobiah needs to develop into a hero to his group and an admiral to the pirate fleet, and face the ghosts of his previous. simply then will he grasp the ocean of Sorrows and weigh down the armada of Orr.

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Definite, i do know what Orrian magic may perhaps do whilst Orr used to be alive. ” The smile light, and Livia’s stance took on a better posture of authority. “I can bet what it's like now that they're undead . . . and below the command of an Elder Dragon. ” “So what the hell are we speculated to do? ” Cobiah wrapped his fingers round the bars and leaned towards her. “Give him regulate of Lion’s Arch? that may be corresponding to handing the complete kingdom of Kryta to the undead. most likely all of Tyria! ” His voice shook with depth.

Good, I don’t. ” He glared at Yomm angrily. “Look, Yomm. If we enable someone with coin and a seaworthy bath to shop for their manner onto the council, the city’s going to be overrun by way of grasping profiteers. probably King Baede will ship 100 captains to shop for seats after which vote to annex Lion’s Arch again into Kryta. ” the assumption spawned a number of doubtful grumbles round the desk, and he additional, “Yomm, you’re in simple terms doing this to come back at Grimjaw. You don’t care in regards to the urban. you simply wish energy. i locate that unacceptable.

Now or by no means, and Grenth take you if you’re gradual! ” In quickly succession, the mass of youths and males raced up lengthy ladders from the berth to the most deck of the send. They grasped at ropes and pounded their toes at the rungs to attract them speedier. Up above, Cobiah may pay attention the shrill name of a whistle blasting out a brief rhythm of unusual notes. doubtful, he reached as much as soft his damp hair. “All demand inspection,” one of many different youths acknowledged, smiling at him. “Don’t fear, beginner. Cap’n Whiting won’t even discover you.

With good fortune, we won’t see him nor his officials back ’til the following dock’s in sight. “See? That’s why sailors name him ‘the gull. ’ in case you seize a glimpse of the cap’n’s fluttery white wings”—the boy flapped his arms within the air to imitate the captain’s ruffled sleeve cuffs—“it’s a yes inform we’re just about landfall. ” An older guy interrupted their jocularity. “On with you, Sethus. ” The sailor shoved either youths firmly, pushing them towards the fore of the Indomitable’s 3 masts. “There’s paintings to be performed.

Nodobe, nevertheless, used to be under no circumstances conflicted. Chanting, the Elonian captain prolonged his hand, and a sickly eco-friendly miasma rose from his palms like steam on a summer time day. The smoke whispered from Nodobe’s arms and clung to Henst’s fallen shape, slipping round the Ascalonian’s legs and arms, creeping into his nostril, ears, and mouth as he screamed. Henst thrashed because the spell lifted him from the stone ground of the pavilion, and gurgled as his throat closed. Isaye stepped again and reduced her sword, horrified, as Henst’s dermis paled and his flesh rotted from the interior out.

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