Felt Wee Folk - New Adventures: 120 Enchanting Dolls

By Salley Mavor

Salley Mavor's e-book Felt Wee people inspired tens of hundreds of thousands to handcraft dolls from uncomplicated fabrics. Now, she invitations you to come back to the wee international with Felt Wee Folk―New Adventures, starring a hundred and twenty dolls to spark smiles and creativity. As asked via enthusiasts, this long-awaited follow-up stocks more difficult initiatives. discover clean scenes and an array of latest clothes, hairstyles, and add-ons, with full-sized styles. Make bendable dolls that resemble you, your loved ones, or your favourite fairy-tale characters with wool felt, chenille stems, and ornamental sewing. show the figures in a dollhouse, atop a marriage cake, or in a vacation scene to be loved yr after yr. From the pages of Mavor's award-winning kid's books for your domestic, the captivating wee people dolls attract crafters of every age and talent levels.

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For yarn hair, unfold glue on best of the pinnacle and drape numerous strands of yarn excessive. unfold glue round the inside of cup of the acorn cap and position it at the most sensible of the top. After the glue dries, the hair may be braided or minimize shorter. See Royal family members Princess picture. Felt Wigs To make a wig, glue a section of felt to the bead head, making a floor to sew onto. it's ideal to take advantage of a skinny felt that may be a shut fit to the outside or hair colour. counting on the specified glance, you should use embroidery floss or wool silk thread to sew the hair.

Hair Bow sew a bow at the doll’s hair with 4mm silk ribbon. Sash Tie a bow round the doll’s waist with 6mm silk ribbon. Tuffet 1. Embroider the four tuffet best felt items. 2. Use a blanket sew to stitch the four most sensible items jointly. three. position the felt backside circle including the head piece from Step 2 and stitch midway round. four. position the washing machine contained in the tuffet. Stuff firmly with wool fleece. five. end stitching round the circle. 6. stitch the two beads for the spider physique to the aspect of the tuffet. 7. Twist 2 items of black cord jointly after which minimize into eight sections, every one 1˝ lengthy, to make the spider’s legs.

Cotton cloth items for skirts and gowns White glue Use clear-drying glue resembling Aleene’s fast Dry cheesy Glue. Wool fleece for hair Carded-and-dyed wool fleece makes great natural-looking hair for the wee people. Fleece should not be minimize with scissors. in its place, the fibers may be lightly pulled aside with the hands. Wool/silk mixture thread for hair standard yarn is usually too thick for the dolls’ small scale, so i like to recommend utilizing thread that could be a wool/silk combination for including hair to a felt wig.

Sew the hood facet seams jointly utilizing a blanket sew and floss. four. stitch the ears in position at the hood. five. Embroider the hood with densely packed French knots stitched with perle cotton. 6. Glue the hood to the bead head and permit dry. 7. Whipstitch the ground of the hood to the physique with floss. canes and ski poles fabrics Chenille stem 3mm in diameter, trimmed to nine˝ Embroidery floss MAKE IT Cane, jogging Stick, or Shepherd’s criminal 1. Use the photograph (below) as a consultant to bend the chenille stem at A and B.

6. safe the floss through looping it round the most sensible of the shoe, feeding the floss in the course of the loop, and pulling tight. 7. Trim the floss, leaving a �˝ tail. eight. Repeat Steps 4–7 for the second one shoe. nine. begin on the most sensible of a shoe and wrap sock-color floss approximately �˝ up the leg. 10. safe the floss and trim, leaving a �˝ tail. eleven. Repeat Steps 9 and 10 for the second one sock. Legs 1. begin on the best of a sock and wrap up the size of the leg with leg-color floss. 2. on the best of the 1st leg, don't minimize the floss, yet proceed tightly winding at nearly �˝ periods round the three stems to get all the way down to the head of the second one sock.

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