Fashion Illustration

By Xiuming Chai, Haoyang Lu

Model is one other identify for style. It stands on the vanguard of the avant-garde traits. representation is the main versatile image layout that could show designers' inspirations freely. What if model meets representation? while style is illustrated with varied representation methods, the passionate pictures may increase the interesting allure of favor. within the booklet, pencil, watercolour, color pen, marker pen, software program, college and synthesis ways are brought intimately. the fashionable parts in type are illustrated in a clean manner.

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The foundation for the collections usually comes from the environment of the assumption of the label itself. 安迪赖斯 德国 项目名称:动感 工 具:每个项目均采用不同的技法以强调设计的主题。 2009/2010秋冬季展,称为“动态展”,概述了设计的过程。 设计的灵感源自对周围生活环境的思考。 6 Adddress Germany 安迪赖斯 德国 7 Adddress Germany name: In movement Media: for every venture a unique strategy is used to stress the subject matter in addition to attainable. the autumn iciness 2009. 2010 assortment is named "In movement" and descriptions the method of dressing ordinarily, that's associated with the label identify "adddress".

The fashion designer labored with layout groups at Tommy Hilfiger supporting them to grasp their imaginative and prescient for displays and line adoptions within the absence of prototypes that have been possibly nonetheless being made in Asia. The dressmaker used their seasonal shades, acquired into the texture of the patron, and further a few styling and layout touches of her personal with sneakers, tights, sun shades, hats, luggage & hair. 具:HB铅笔影印之后,用彩笔润色。女孩系列作品,运用水彩 设计。 一些时装公司常常喜欢在设计团队中邀请插画师的加入,从而实现多 元化的设计。因此,设计师与汤米•希尔菲格设计小组一起,为打造亚 洲时装提供视觉与线条的创意设计。 设计师运用不同的季节颜色,在确保满足消费者需求的基础上,在鞋 子、紧身衣、太阳镜、帽子、箱包及头发等方面注入设计亮点。 fifty five Elmaz Hüseyin united states fifty six Elmaz Hüseyin united states name: Dama lady (Kellwood – Phat models) Media: black & white photocopy & rembrandt pastels DAMAROUGHELMAZ, DAMACOLOURELMAZ - those sketches have been created as a part of release artwork for DAMA women’s line.

Actrace. com, www. ArchitecturalBookstore. com 版权所有:2011辽宁科学技术出版社 版权协议: www. architecturalbookstore. com/auxpage_license 严禁非法复制。 Contens目录 2 Pencil & Line 铅笔线条 28 Dip Pen 墨水笔 forty four colored Pencil 彩色铅笔 89 Water color 水彩 131 Marker Pen 马克笔 136 software program 电脑软件 181 college 拼贴技法 202 Synthetical suggestions 综合技法 281 Index 索引 Pencil & Line 铅笔线条 Pencil strains are drawn with pencil, together with drawings and sketches etc. Line is an important means of expression one of the pencil drawings, which develops quickly with numerous types and kinds.

Forty nine Elmaz Hüseyin united states identify: Tommy Hilfiger Illustrations Media: preliminary roughs have been in pencil hb then a heavy black pencil – with cleanser traces - then the fashion designer could photocopy them and upload color utilizing pantone pens, gouache, colored pencils and infrequently pastels. at the girl’s color sketches, the dressmaker has used watercolour (photocopied then watercolour). a few model homes use illustrators to paintings with their layout groups who, for the main half these days have varied skill-sets that require them to be effective in components except representation.

Three 亚历山德拉•齐格勒 英国 项目名称:简约的优雅 工 具:铅笔、纸张、Photoshop图像处理软件。 优雅的意义很难界定,但其往往由真诚、知性、魅力、文 雅、独特、纯净的线条构成。2010年春夏季服装系列的 设计灵感源自第一次世界大战前的美好时代以及俄罗斯芭 蕾舞团,其众所周知的圆领小袖口连衣裙成为该设计的主 题。 four Adddress Germany 安迪赖斯 德国 five Adddress Germany identify: In movement Media: for every venture a special method is used to stress the subject in addition to attainable. the autumn wintry weather 2009. 2010 assortment is termed "In movement" and descriptions the method of dressing often, that's associated with the label identify "adddress". the foundation for the collections normally comes from the environment of the assumption of the label itself.

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