Encyclopedia of Wood (Art of Woodworking)

The artwork of Woodworking is one other extraordinary sequence of books produced through Time-Life. expert woodworkers supply certain, instructive textual content that is greater through fabulous photos and step by step directions with illustrations that will help you create your imaginative and prescient.

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Cu. lt . ? riae:lnexoeneive, I I t t t I I I t I I I t t I t I I t I I I I I I I 126 I I I I I t I I I I r I I I I t wooden listing PINE,WHITE POPLAR,YELLOW (e) (H) 9otanical NameszLrriodendron tulipifera Muchof the remaininq eupplyof thie wood,reqardedao oneof lhe moeLvaluable timberein Ihe eaelernU. three. four. lieein the Appalachian Mounlaine. l-)eed, in ex\eneively |,hewoodie ueed, Europetnf,heearlyl9OOs,Loday mainlyin the l-). three. for a ranqeof woodworking applicaNioneandfor Vulp. Theeapwoodie eometimescalled whilewood.

Odoris so much resincanals, earlywood, latewood, reported poresandmedullary in freshlycut lumber, rays. Therela- (in hardtivediameter of vessels (in softwood) wood)or tracheids is necessary in choosing thetexture of thewood;the higher thesecells, thecoarser thewood. Thedistributionof pores withinthegrowthrings willalsotellyouwhether a hardwoodis ring-,diffuse-, semi-ringor semi-diffuse-porous. Whenviewing endgrain,choose an areaof normal growthrate,avoiding defectslike crossgrainandknots. Withsoftwoods, lookfor resin canals; theyareonlypresent in pine,spruce,larchandDouglas-fir.

ELately elmof a1l. Moreso than olher elme,Lhiemajeeliclree waedevaetaf,edby Dutchelmdiaeaoeana iaaay tt i5 relarively difficultLo lind whiteelmlumber. Ihewool,ie exI;remely eaeyto bendand ie moet,olLenueedLo make furniNure, Whenelicedon the quarLer,whiteelmproducee lovelyribbon-ef,rip ed veneere. different NamestAmericanelm,waterelm,ewampe\m qrayelm(Canada), (U. nine. A. ); orhamwooA, Souraesz Canadaand,U. three. four. Charaaierietico: UouallysLraightqrain,Lhouqhoften inberlocked: coa r ee f,eKLure: lighf,,y ellowieh- brown colour.

L f t h e s t o c ky o ua r ec u t t i n gi s r e l a t i v e ltyh i n ,c l a m pa f e a t h e r o o a r o t o t h et a b l et o s u p p o ritt d u r i n gt h e c u t . t I I 6l Amburana, mahogany, walnut Carpathian elm,English oak,madrone, myrtle, oliveash,redwood, thuya, walnut VENEERSAND synthetic forums I T I I t I I I I I I T I I I I I I r) slicing theveneer L f eeatheworkpiece intotheblade withbothhands, conserving thestockflush opposed to thetip of the pivotblock(abovd. to avoid the bladefromdriftingoff line,steerthetrailing endof theworkpiece.

Alwayscut the veneerlargerthan the actualsizeneeded,allowingan overhang of aboutlz nchall thewayaround. The overhangis trimmed offlater. in the event you arepressingdown veneerthe traditionalway-with a veneerhammer-use hideglue,whichis reheatable. another way, whiteglueisyourbestchoice. Whicheveradhesive you employ,it will beeffective onlyifthe veneeris flat,clean and dry. Asshownin thissection,veneercan alsobe presseddown in a veneerpress. Newercommercialvacuumpresses characteristic a pump that sucksthe air out of a plasticbag that surroundsthe substrateandveneer,allowingatmospheric strain to carry theveneerin position.

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