Dynamics of Yoga: The Foundation of Bihar Yoga by Swami Satyananda Saraswati 2nd (second) Edition (2008)

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A few fi nd i t handy Lo hold th em on t h e i r respective knees wh i l e others pl a c e the righ t pa l m over the left good friend m , preserving either upturned and cupped. \Vh ile performin g this asana, the h e a d and backbone has to be held erect . advantages : Padmasana is an ide a l asana for medi tation . One can sit down in thi s asa na for h ours to gether. The erect posi tion of the backbone is helping t h e nerve stream alongside the sp i n e and among the vertebrae to be conducted un i n terruptedly . The erect spi ne additionally p revents the compression of the abdom inal v i scera a n d so frees the m i n d from the weight of the physique .

Person who practises pranayama turns into i mmune to st ich ailments. N ow enable u s attempt to clarify w h a t pranayarna is. Prana ability power . the method of inhaling, breat h i n g ou t , and conserving the breath - a sum overall of those 3 prn1 rsses, that's to claim, the t h ree methods while mixed rnnstitute complete pranaya m a . everyone is often terrified of pranayama. S e v e r al flawed notions p r ev ai l approximately i t . For 1 1 1 stance, it really is acknowledged that those that p rac t i s e pranayama need to p u l l a i r i n a n d strength it into p laces w h ich may well burst an y 1 1 10111<.

1 ml gets rid of numerous d isea se s o f the tummy a nd bowels . l "h l' digestive tire is elevated and dyspepsia got rid of . Ulum u rasana I h i s is a mix of blm j a ngasana and shalabhasana \\ i l h the addition of catching the ankles with the fingers . I hl'sc t h re e shape o n e set of asanas. It i s cal led dhanur­ . 1 �ana, because the pose rese mb l es a bow. ,\, in bhuj a n gasana and s h a labhasa n a , l i e nat at the lot ' n1m d , face dow nward s , a n d re l a x a l l muscle tissues. I . arch h previous of the ankles w i th the fingers and ra i se your 1 l i l'st and h e advert increasing the chest and preserve i n g the .

Directly to your co n sc i ous ness alongside the bord erl i ne benvet·n the physique and the m i n d . \Vhen you m ed i t a t e you'll dislinctly sec t h e demarca t i o n line. You GUI carry your umsciou sncss on Lhc borderl ine. for those who medi tate at the bod y and carry directly to t h e bord e rl i ne . you v. ·i ll event the p hases o f pranic, menta l and as t ra l consc: i onsne s s . The n you w i l l g o o n to t h e un con scious country . I f you ca n now not, s om e h ow carry directly to the physique wide awake­ ness, you w i l l yes ly cross i mo unconsciousness, yet there'll be no v i sion .

Within the seco nd level you want to plug your ears with the index hands, b reathe in and, as sooner than, on the ti m e of exhaling p roduce the hummi ng sound . tooth will be stored a little aside. Concen trate at the sound as though it's emanating from the cen tre of the top . the stick with it generating the sound after which pay attention to vibrations. additionally try and i nvestigate another soun d that is in the back of that vibration . within the first kingdom, if you happen to create Om vibrations, you'll with a l ittle a t tention find a faint bi rd like soun d .

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