Dictionary of Obsolete English

This new version of the well known definitive word list offers the main to these phrases within the English language that experience both replaced their which means or been altogether discarded . . . phrases universal within the days of Chaucer, Shakespeare or Johnson . . . Even phrases recognized to Dickens and Browning, yet this day out of date. a desirable guide, now not basically for the linguist and philologist, yet for everybody intrigued through the colourful, the unusual and the unusual in our language.

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NORTH, Plutarch’s Lives, p. 221. individual. we have now forfeited the whole strength of the assertion, ‘God is not any respecter of persons;’ from the truth that ‘person’ doesn't suggest for us now all that it as soon as intended. ‘Person,’ from ‘persona,’ the masks regularly worn via the actor of antiquity, is through traditional move the half or rôle within the play which every sustains, as πρσωπov is in Greek. within the nice tragi-comedy of existence each one sustains a ‘person;’ one who of a king, one other that of a hind; one needs to play Dives, one other Lazarus.

JACKSON, Of the Divine Essence and Attributes, b. ix. § 2. development. One is first and foremost tempted to accuse our Translators of an inaccuracy at Heb. ix. 23, in view that, no matter what πδειγµα. could suggest in different places, it's very unlikely that it might there suggest ‘pattern,’ in our experience of exemplar or unique from which a duplicate or cartoon is derived, ‘patron’ upon whom the buyer varieties and models himself. this is often inconsistent with, and may certainly solely defeat, the entire argument of the Apostle. The πoδεγµατα there might be purely the earthly copies and imitations of the heavenly and archetypal originals, vττυπα τv ληθιvv.

Forty-one. depression. This has now ceased, approximately or altogether, to designate a specific type of moody insanity, the German ‘Tiefsinn,’ which used to be ascribed by means of the previous physicians to a predominance of black bile mingling with the blood. It used to be now not, it really is real, regularly confined to this atypical type of psychological unsoundness; therefore Burton’s ‘Anatomy of depression ’ has to not do with this one kind of insanity, yet with all. This, even if, used to be its triumphing use, and this is to be came across the hyperlink of connexion among its current use, as a deep pensiveness or unhappiness, and its earlier.

Identification. , Grand secret of Godliness, b. viii, c. five. She is so great and so demure, So sober, courteous, modest, and distinctive. actual heritage of King Leir, 1605. In like demeanour ladies additionally in comely dresses ; with demureness [cum verecundia, Vulg. ] and sobriety decorating themselves. —I Tim. ii. nine. Rheims. His carriage was once complete comely and upright, His countenance demure and temperate. SPENSER, Fairy Queen, ii. I, 6 leave. as soon as used as identical with ‘toseparate,’ (divido, partior, Promptorium Parvulorum)—a truth already forgotten, whilst, on the final revision of the Prayer-Book in 1662, the Puritan divines objected to the shape because it then stood within the Marriage provider, ‘till loss of life us depart;’ in condescension to whose objection the phrases, as we've them, ‘till dying us do part,’ have been brought.

1174. The courses who have been to behavior them on their method had commandment to be able to forged their gists and trips that through 3 of the clock within the morning of the 3rd day they could assail Py-thoum. —Id. , Ib. p. 1193. In army commanders and squaddies vain-glory is a necessary aspect; for as iron sharpens iron, so by way of glory one braveness sharpeneth one other. —BACON,Essays, fifty four. So in most cases activities began in glory close up in disgrace. —Bishop corridor, Contemplations, On Babel. a few took this for a wonderful brag; others inspiration he [Alcibiades] was once like sufficient to have performed it.

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