Creating Life-Like Animals in Polymer Clay

By Katherine Dewey

Mesmerizing, exquisitely exact and whole of character, Katherine Dewey's animal sculptures pride all who see them. With the pleasant medium of polymer clay and the step by step directions during this ebook, you could in attaining an identical magical effects! I

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Disks increase the attention sockets and aid to shape the brow. The brows and lids are just like the fawn's. WHAT you will want FOR THIS venture Polymer Clay • uncooked Sienna • prebaked eyeballs made of Black clay, rather less than ” (0. 5cm) in diameter Armature • four” × eight” (10. 2cm × 20. 3cm) sheet of aluminum foil • 12” (30. 5cm) sq. sheets of aluminum foil • 12” × 6” (30. 5cm × 15. 2cm) sheets of aluminum foil • 2” (7cm) steel rods • 2Y2” (6. 4cm) steel rods • 1½” (3. 8cm) steel rod • card inventory stiffened with great Glue instruments • blade for slicing the clay • ruler • effective needle software • small and big tapestry needle instruments • small, medium and massive knitting needles • needle-nose pliers or twine cutters Acrylic Paints • Black • Burnt Umber • uncooked Sienna • Titanium White Brushes • no.

4cm) sheet of aluminum foil • 12” × 6” (30. 5cm × 15. 2cm) sheet of aluminum foil • card inventory stiffened with large Glue • stiff steel rods • heavy cotton string and beading twine instruments • blade for slicing the clay • ruler • fantastic needle instrument • small and massive tapestry needle instruments • small, medium and massive knitting needles • twine nippers Acrylic Paints • Black • Cerulean Blue • uncooked Sienna • uncooked Umber • Titanium White Brushes • no. 00 man made • no. 1 and no. three around bristle brushes • no.

Commence by way of urgent an angled groove at the facets of the nostril with a knitting needle, then use a small tapestry needle to mark the nostrils. 7 THE EYES, LIDS AND BROWS Use the rod option to degree a small volume of White clay for ” (0. 5cm) diameter eyeballs. Bake the eyeballs for twenty mins at 275° F. place the eyeballs midway among the end of the nostril and the again of the pinnacle. Make a skinny strip for the higher eyelid from a ” (0. 3cm) diameter ball of clay and practice. Make the reduce lid from rods made from of a ball every one.

Venture SEVEN The purple Fox you have got visible the path of the purple fox—narrow, dog-like tracks operating in a immediately line throughout wintry fields, alongside fence traces, on the forests facet or in our urban parks. not like our well-bred puppy canine who go away ambling trails, the fox strikes with potency and deliberation. A evening hunter, the rustic fox dispatches rats, mice, birds and earthworms with have fun with, yet also will devour corn, candy grasses and berries. clever and adaptable, town fox has built a flavor for the scraps we throw away.

Use a rod made from of a ball at the outer seam. 26 THE SHOULDERS AND THIGHS shape an oval disk from a part ball and place at the shoulder (A). Use an oval disk made of an entire ball to accumulate the thigh (B). mix the seams and end shaping the shoulder with a knitting needle simply as you probably did with the fawn. TIP Your fox does not should have all 4 toes at the floor to be strong. A three-legged stance is feasible, even supposing his legs are prebaked. The thick layer of clay at the fox's physique allows for you to test with the pose, to maneuver one leg ahead or one other again.

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