Cosmopolitan [ZA] (May 2015)

Cosmopolitan, South Africa variation, may perhaps 2015

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CO. ZA P H O TO G R A P H Y M I ok E H A R R I N G TO N/G E T T Y I M A G E S/G A L LO I M A G E S , SÉBASTIEN ROHNER textual content MISHKAAH GABIER costs right AT T I M E O F G O I N G TO P R E S S P R I C E S A R E R E C O M M E N D E D R E TA I L P R I C E S The physique store Hemp cleaning soap On A Rope (R70) Beauty | Hacks 1 Prep pores and skin earlier than unfold a R1-coinsized dollop of primer over all of your face. It acts like a glue, aiding the contour remain on pores and skin all day (and night). soft on a tinted moisturiser to even out complexion.

LANE BRYANT LANE BRYANT cease attempting to disguise YOUR TUMMY P H O TO G R A P H Y R E X F E AT U R E S , G E T T Y I M A G E S , N E I L S U L L I VA N/G E T T Y I M A G E S/G A L LO I M A G E S , S Y D B R A K/G E T T Y I M A G E S/G A L LO I M A G E S , F I L M M A G I C/G E T T Y I M A G E S/G A L LO I M A G E S It’s not just what’s at the outdoors that counts. undies and shape-wear can thoroughly switch your silhouette. Get measured to find the precise bra (retailers reminiscent of Edgars offer the provider freed from charge).

At the Dot helpline 0861 000 423, email magazinedeliveries@onthedot. co. za; subscriptions  0861 000 423 (SA), +27 eleven 401 5956 (international), fax 086 534 4704. if you can't locate COSMOPOLITAN at your neighborhood shop, e mail soften. VanDerWalt@onthedot. co. za. COSMO on-line advertisement content material manufacturer. Lover of unhappy indie song, huge cups of tea and her adorable little one. See her paintings at Cosmopolitan. co. za the simplest factor concerning the COSMO place of work? operating with a number of clever, hilarious girls who understand how to make reliable use of a hashtag.

Burch reckons that girls who declare to adventure this ‘energetic liberate’ are easily ‘getting became on’ – and who can’t contemplate 100 larger how one can do this? ■ COSMOPOLITAN. CO. ZA P H O TO G R A P H Y okay O R B E Y/G E T T Y I M A G E S/G A L LO I M A G E S T E X T L A U R A T W I G G S convinced, you heard correct – US girls are giving their entrance bums a steam-clean. after all, we need to say, WTF … after which we need to ask, why? physique Love | physique information Will a Shot therapy HPV? images NICK ONKEN, ISTOCK, GETTY pictures textual content MARISSA GAINSBURG AND LESLEY MARCHANT In many years, there can be a non-surgical remedy for an irregular Pap.

ARE YOU a median lady? seek ‘MEAN woman’ AT COSMOPOLITAN. CO. ZA to determine! It needed to do with my whole false impression of what my ex sought after all alongside. He wasn’t the ideal man for me yet I fell for him besides, demanding sufficient to spend the subsequent 3 years teetering on a skinny line among self-improvement and self-destruction. All i used to be doing used to be dumping the burden of those insecurities on Pretentia and giving myself an anxiety-nausea-sadness hangover by way of maintaining with their dating through social media, which lengthy my obsession.

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