Collins Junior Illustrated English Dictionary (2nd Edition)

By HarperCollins

Optimised for color capsules. the pictures during this booklet usually are not appropriate for viewing on black and white e-ink units. for kids elderly 6 and over, Collins Junior Illustrated Dictionary comprises complete sentence definitions, color headwords and child-friendly instance sentences, in addition to appealing vibrant illustrations and pictures. Collins Junior Illustrated Dictionary has been specially written to aid the desires of kids elderly 6 to eight. It introduces key dictionary positive factors similar to components of speech (noun, verb, adjective or adverb) and other kinds of a be aware, for instance plurals or previous stressful of a verb. The transparent and spacious format and color headwords make sure that the dictionary is child-friendly. vibrant, vibrant illustrations and images help language studying and make it enjoyable. complete sentence definitions and instance sentences exhibit the headword utilized in a context widely used to little ones. The Collins be aware Wizard complement supplies additional support with vocabulary through...

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NOUN  2 Rags are previous torn outfits. rage NOUN Rage is excellent anger. Dad’s face confirmed his rage. ragged ADJECTIVE outfits which are ragged are previous and torn. raid raids NOUN A raid is a unexpected assault opposed to an enemy. rail rails NOUN  1 A rail is a horizontal bar that's firmly mounted to posts. Rails are used as fences, or for individuals to lean on. NOUN  2 Rails are the heavy steel bars that trains run on. railing railings NOUN A railing is one of those fence made of steel bars. railway railways NOUN A railway is a direction alongside which trains shuttle on steel rails.

I’ve received a stunning toy pony. yet Jenny’s bought a true one. discover realizes, knowing, learned; additionally spelt realize VERB in case you detect whatever, you're employed it out or discover it. I’ve simply discovered you want to be Tara’s sister. fairly ADVERB you should use particularly to make whatever you assert superior. i actually don’t like that boy. rear NOUN The rear of whatever is the half that's in the back of it. rearrange rearranges, rearranging, rearranged VERB to arrange whatever skill to prepare or organize it another way.

My brother ran sooner than us. goal goals, aiming, aimed VERB  1 when you target at whatever, you element a weapon at it. VERB  2 should you objective to do whatever, you intend to do it. air NOUN Air is the aggregate of gases that we breathe. airplane NOUN An plane is a car that flies. Helicopters and aeroplanes are plane. airport airports NOUN An airport is a spot the place airplane land and take off. alarm alarms NOUN  1 An alarm is anything like a bell or flashing gentle that warns you of whatever. NOUN  2 Alarm is a sense of worry.

Take hold of clutches, clutching, clutched VERB when you take hold of anything, you carry it tightly together with your hand. litter NOUN litter is an untidy mess. trainer coaches NOUN  1 A trainer is an extended motorized vehicle used for taking passengers on lengthy trips. NOUN  2 A trainer is additionally a bit of a educate that consists of passengers. NOUN  three A trainer is somebody who trains you for a recreation or offers additional classes. coal NOUN Coal is a difficult black rock that's dug out of the floor and burned to provide warmth. coarse coarser, coarsest ADJECTIVE whatever that's coarse appears and feels tough.

Worse ADJECTIVE  1 Worse is the comparative kind of undesirable. ADJECTIVE  2 If a person who's ailing will get worse, they're extra in poor health than ahead of. worship worships, worshipping, worshipped VERB in case you worship a god, you convey your admire by way of praying and making a song hymns. worst ADJECTIVE Worst is the superlative type of undesirable. worthy ADJECTIVE  1 If anything is worthy a selected sum of money, it may be bought for that quantity. ADJECTIVE  2 If whatever is worthy doing, it really is relaxing or worthwhile. That movie is worthy seeing.

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