A Popular Dictionary of Buddhism (Popular Dictionaries of Religion)

By Christmas Humphreys

A dictionary and a word list of phrases plus short biographies of eminent Buddhists and students from either East and West.

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Planted there a slicing of the Bo-tree (q. v. ) from Buddha Gaya, that's thriving this present day, and is therefore the oldest old tree on the earth. Maithuna (Sk. ) A time period of Indian Tantric artwork to explain pairs of divinities in sexual include. For the symbolic that means see S(h)akti, Tantra, Yab-Yum. Maitreya (Sk. ) Metteya (P. ) Mi-lo-Fu (Chin. ) Miroku (Jap. ). The Buddha-to-come, the Bodhisattva who could be the subsequent holder of the ultimate workplace of Buddha. within the M. Maitreya ranks excessive because the maximum of Bodhisattvas, and is most well-liked in Bst.

Released The British Buddhist in October, 1926, changed by means of The Wheel in January, 1935. Moved to forty-one Gloucester street, N. W. 1, in 1928. Closed 1939. See Humphreys, Sixty Years of Buddhism in England. Buddha A identify, no longer the identify of an individual. Derived from root budh, ‘to wake’, it potential one that understands within the experience of getting turn into one with the top gadgets of information, superb fact. there were Buddhas long ago and there'll be others sooner or later. (See Maitreya. ) Gotama, the ancient founding father of Buddhism (q.

450 he validated the Theravāda because the nationwide faith. Burmese students have really good within the Abhidhamma and the perform of meditation. for contemporary students see Thittila. In 1954–6 the 6th nice Council was once held in a in particular outfitted Cave close to A renowned dictionary of buddhism 38 Rangoon designed to breed the Saptaparna Cave (q. v. ) during which the 1st Council used to be held on the Buddha’s passing. Bushidō (Jap. ) The knightly cult of the japanese center a while which produced the best swordsmen and a few of the best warrior minds in historical past.

Unique of this nice M. scripture, the remainder in basic terms surviving in chinese language translation. Ganden (Tib. ) huge monastic collage simply open air Lhasa, based in 1417 by means of Tsong-Kha-pa (q. v. ) who's buried there. one of many 3 greatest and strongest monasteries in Tibet. (See Depung and Sera. ) A renowned dictionary of buddhism seventy seven Gandhāra The Sk. identify for a district masking the fashionable Peshawar in India, and elements of contemporary Afghanistan. At one time a Bst. stronghold, it performed an enormous half in evolution of the doctrines of the Mahayana college.

V. ), this means that ideas, relatively as non secular ideas. (See Jijimuge. ) Jijimuge (Jap. ) The unimpeded interdiffusion (muge) of all Ji which means issues, evidence, gadgets. The summit of highbrow realizing of the non-duality of manifestation. The ‘Thou artwork THAT’ of Hindu philosophy nonetheless admits 3 issues to be One; Jijimuge is past even harmony. The very best educating of the Kegon (q. v. ) university of eastern Bsm. See exposition by means of Suzuki, W. of Bsm. No. 106. Jikijitsu (Jap. ) The chief of Zazen within the Zendō of a Rinzai Zen monastery.

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