A Clear Mirror: The Visionary Autobiography of a Tibetan Master

By Traktung Dudjom Lingpa

Own memoirs should not unusual in Tibetan Buddhism, yet A transparent replicate offers an strange edition: 3 degrees of non secular teachings, conveying outer, internal, and sophisticated features of knowledge, that provide readers complete entry to the wealthy lifetime of considered one of Vajrayana Buddhism’s most valuable figures. Dudjom Lingpa (1835–1904) used to be a Tibetan visionary and nice Perfection grasp, or tertön, a revealer of non secular treasures known as terma hidden within the Earth and within the minds of disciples. Dujdom Lingpa is well known for his revelations on “refining perception” or Nang Jang, and, via dream yoga, trance, and visions, for transmitting the “mindstream” of a couple of enlightened non secular beings, comparable to Sri Singha, Saraha, Vajradhara, and Manjushri, whose knowledge he acquired and stocks during this e-book.

A transparent reflect
reveals what excessive lamas regard as so much sacred and intimate: religious evolution through the lens of an innermost visionary lifestyles. Lingpa recounts each one step of his personal enlightenment process—from studying the way to meditate to the top tantric practices—as he skilled them. A transparent replicate is a non secular event that still accommodates daily meditation recommendation, designed for the lay reader in addition to the extra professional practitioner, during this evocative unique translation.

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Likewise, even I expressed myself by way of announcing, Namo! Homage to the chic epitome of all sacred circles and buddha households: Buddha Transcendent Conqueror, to you I bow. unlock all beings, others and myself, who wander in cyclic lifestyles, From the worldly ocean and furnish us coverage of freedom! therefore I respectfully rendered homage. as soon as I made that supplication, 5 coloured gentle rays emerged from the buddha’s center and dissolved into my very own — I skilled the knowledge of bliss-emptiness. Then that transcendent being spoke: baby, I acclaim you as my regent.

18 The revealer or a colleague then transcribes the symbolic script into human language, a different strategy whose delicacy Dudjom Lingpa notes in several episodes. brain treasures are accessed within the minds of treasure revealers both via cognitive notion of symbolic scripts that catalyze discovery of the entire educating or via direct apprehension of the educating itself. Tulku Thondup explains: Concentrating his enlightened brain, Guru Padmasambhava hid the lessons, via the ability of aspirations, within the crucial nature of the minds of his disciples, or within the expanse in their information country.

Specifically, seventeen will shine just like the solar, moon, and significant stars. they are going to be of colossal reduction to the doctrine. they need to reside within the mountains in unfixed destinations and persevere within the crucial practices. every year they have to be diligent within the toughness perform of immortality — this can be of maximum import. utilizing the profound directions of Severance of Evil Forces, they need to surrender clinging to their loved our bodies: creating a ceremonial dinner supplying in their flesh and blood is the best important guide to dispel all hindrances.

I would like wealth and riches. ” The ideally suited grasp acknowledged, “I suggestion that’s what you want — that’s why I’ve come right here. I’ve taken the shape of a wealth god known as Apara-chitta, leader of Noxious Spirits, now not diverse from Lakna Dorjé, Bodhisattva Vajra Bearer. accordingly, I’m going to coach you my technique of accomplishment, so hear good. commit it to memory. ” nonetheless, he gave me the full empowerment and scriptural transmission for the textual content outlining the technique of accomplishment on the topic of that deity.

They're often made of flour and different fit for human consumption fabric infused with consecrated components; tormas fluctuate vastly in measurement, form, and objective, and are typically sculpted in a particular layout concerning their function. 30. This which means of this line within the textual content is doubtful: grol bai ltas su ming de ‘dzin. 31. Sa-tsas are small reliquaries ordinarily made up of clay. 32. hold a fake pretense. 33. The timing of this episode is uncertain. The textual content shows that Dudjom Lingpa remained in retreat for 365 days along with his scholars, yet his next account indicates he left after 5 days.

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